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One Foot In Front of the Other, One Step at a Time | Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir | TEDxReykjavik
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Added Jun 27, 2016
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Vilborg is passionate about nature and the outdoors, and most of all about encouraging others to daydream and set goals in their own life. While hiking in the Himalayas to fulfill another of her dreams, she encountered many difficulties, on a personal, physical and interpersonal level, which have helped her deepen her willingness to fight for what she wanted. In her talk, she narrates her struggles to encourage us to keep dreaming our dreams, and to always keep our goals in mind, whatever stage in the process we are in. Vilborg tells us that we should always consider ourselves a winner in our own life.

Vilborg is an explorer, and adventurer and a motivational speaker. She was born and raised in Iceland, and feels very fortunate to have grown up surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Vilborg is avidly pursuing her dreams, and she crossed the Greenland glacier in 2012 and became the first Icelandic person to ski solo from the coast of Antartica to the South Pole.

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