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Our Insatiable Appetite for Meat | Michael Vinson | TEDxNanjingNo1HighSchool
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Added Aug 30, 2016
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Meat is delicious! From the dawn of civilization up until the 20th century, however, meat was a rare treat prized for its protein and valued for its scarcity, eaten infrequently by the majority of the population. Modern agricultural technology has changed this. We now have the power to eat meat, and McDonald's, as often and as Extra-Large as we would like. But should we?

As Winter '15-'16 made clear, human beings are beginning to leave a permanent and not-so-nice mark on Planet Earth. What responsibility does each of us have to limit our consumption of meat and minimize our environmental footprint? And what kind of power?

Michael Vinson graduated from Princeton University in 2011 with a degree in
Psychology. Born in Washington, DC, he moved with his family to Holland at eight
years old, where he learned basic Dutch (which he soon forgot) and a love of
traveling. Michael’s first trip to Asia was
in 2004 as a Youth For Understanding Fellow in Kawasaki, Japan, where he lived
with a host family and attended Japanese high school. His first trip to China came two
years later as part of Princeton in Asia’s inaugural Summer of Service volunteer
program in Jishou, Hunan Province, where he taught oral English. Michael moved to
Shanghai in the summer of 2011 and has worked as a college consultant in Nanjing
and Shanghai for the past four years. Interested in all subjects related to society and
technology, his favorite hobbies include reading, playing squash, and watching his
Washington Wizards almost make the playoffs.

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