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Our right to thrive: a POC-centered movement | Lakia Davis | TEDxMtHoodSalon
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Added Sep 27, 2016
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With a wide range of personal, professional, and academic experience Lakia is compelled to evoke change to empower and support under-represented youth and adults, and sees her struggles as a queer black woman raised in poverty as the motivating force to support often overlooked folks make a difference.

Lakia Davis is a Social Justics Educator and Activist. Raised in California’s Bay Area and growing up in a low socio-economic, highly diversified, neighborhood, Lakia received various messages indicating she unable to make a difference in the world. She took it all in stride and became the first person in her family to enter college.

Soon after college, Lakia immersed herself in social justice work from various angles, holding numerous positions. Lakia’s travels—including living in three other countries—have also had a great impact in shaping her world view and passion for justice. The journey to succeed academically and financially, as well as to survive emotionally and spiritually has been a struggle. Lakia now holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with an LGBT-affirmative emphasis and strives to influence positive change in her community.

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