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“Outside the box” of self-promotion | Oliver Page | TEDxCaserta
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Added Aug 4, 2016
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Today, millennials like me face a hyper-competitive, fast paced, and confusing labor market. In an attempt to gain visibility and traction in such an environment, we often retreat to extensive self-promotion on online social networks. We come to equate ‘likes,’ and ‘friends,’ with ‘success’ and ‘impact.’ In so doing, however, we might actually be forgetting the crucial premise upon which online social networks were developed: to create and maintain genuine human relationships.

I started my first startup at 17 called NutKase Accessories. After my 1st year of university in the UK I got accepted to Draper University of Heroes the school for entrepreneurs founded Tim Draper. During the program I cofounded a new startup that won 1st place at the Draper Demo Day and received a €50K investment from Tim Draper. After living and working in Bay Area for two years I returned to Italy and cofounded a new startup called Scooterino that won a grant for €50K from the European Space Agency

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