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Overcoming Hurdles by Staying In the Zone | Dr. Mark Crear | TEDxSageHillSchool
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Added Sep 6, 2016
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By maintaining focus on what is important to us, we can overcome any obstacle, whether it is physical or figurative. By relying on our friends and family, and holding true to our beliefs, we can set ourselves up to accomplish anything

Scaling high hurdles and jumping through life’s hoops are second nature to Mark Crear. Before jumping any "hurdles" on the track, Mark had plenty of hurdles to jump off. Growing up in a single family home and being a victim of physical and emotional abuse, Crear early on knew that life was not fair and had plenty of reasons and excuses to quit and give up. However, "quitting" was not a part of Dr. Crear's DNA. Instead, Mark relied on God and hard work to carry him from his life of abuse, abandonment, and rejection, to #1 in the world. Born in San Francisco, young Mark enrolled at Mt. San Antonio College. He enjoyed early success as a world-class track and field athlete, becoming a two-time Olympic Medalist, reigning as the world’s No. 1 110-meter high hurdler three times, becoming a Goodwill Games champion. He went to win the 1996 Olympic Silver Medal with a broken arm and the 2000 Olympic Bronze Medal with a double hernia.

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