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Overcoming Perfection: An Olympian's Road to the Podium | Kyle Shewfelt | TEDxCalgary
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Added Oct 10, 2016
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While striving for perfection seems to be the ideal for prospective Olympians, it's not necessarily the right mindset for our daily lives. Instead, Kyle Shewfelt takes on his own journey of realizing that pursuing excellence every day instead is equally rewarding.

Olympic Legend and revolutions master

There aren’t many people in the world after whom a move in gymnastics is named, nor are there many people who moved the hearts and minds of millions of people across Canada in a sporting moment that will reverberate through the ages. Kyle Shewfelt literally revolved his way to become an Olympic legend, winning the first ever Gold Medal in gymnastics for Canada. Kyle is the owner and president of Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics, a place dedicated to growing the love of movement in all its tumbling glory. Follow Kyle on Twitter @kyleshew

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