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Overcoming the Blues | Michael Legon | TEDxYouth@SHC
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Added Sep 21, 2016
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How do you turn failure into success? 16 year-old jazz pianist Michael Legon tells a story of how a rejection from the best band in the Bay Area led to a new job, a new band, and a new perspective.

Michael Legon is currently a junior at Marin Academy in San Rafael, California. He is a professional jazz pianist, starting at the age of 9 and quickly taking up the styles of the great jazz musicians. He currently plays in a jazz trio called Blue News and performs at concert venues all over the Bay Area. It was through his work in his trio that he began teaching music at Cascade Melody Music School, teaching jazz to students of a variety of ages and skill levels. In his free time, he enjoys playing jazz piano as well as discussing foreign films, classic literature, fashion, and political philosophy.

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