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Overseas Chinese and Jewish Diaspora : A Comparative Study - | Dr. Roger King 金乐琦博士 | TEDxShanghai
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Added Oct 5, 2016
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"What are the similarities between overseas Chinese and Jewish people? First we are self-reliant. We are all very hard working. The third is that, we value education, education, education and education."

TEDxShanghai May 2016
theme : Balance

Dr. Roger King 金乐琦博士
Entrepreneur, Board Director, Professor of familial business, finance and governance
Professor Roger King devotes his “second career” to bridge the knowledge gap between academics, practitioners as well as policymakers, especially in the understanding of ethnic Chinese family businesses.
He is the Founder and Director of the HKUST Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies, a leading institution to research and education in family businesses and entrepreneurship in Asia.
Drawing from his unique experience as a family member of a global family business, an outsider CEO working for other families and a serial entrepreneur creating multifarious ventures, Roger’s research presents powerful and down-to-the-earth implications to the real world. His recent work unfolds secrets of how ethnic Chinese family businesses break the curse of “wealth does not go beyond three generations” and how they differ from other ethnic groups.

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