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Parapsychology – a Challenge for Science | Walter von Lucadou | TEDxFSUJena
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Added Jul 7, 2016
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The Paranormal is Normal but Quite Different
The reports of literally thousands of persons who experienced paranormal phenomena support the conclusion that the “paranormal” is quite common and quite “normal”, but it is still tabooed by (western) societies. There is nothing supernatural behind it; interactions of spirits or disincarnate entities, or the assumption of transcendental dimensions are not needed. A rather simple expansion of the usual scientific reductionism makes it understandable.
This means that the concept of „entanglement“ which is borrowed from quantum theory is able to give a proper description of paranormal phenomena. It explains their spontaneity and elusiveness and allows coping with them. Moreover, the concept allows predictions, which can be verified experimentally.

Walter von Lucadou (Dr. rer. nat. Dr. phil. Walter von Lucadou) is a German psychologist and physicist.
Founder of Parapsychologische Beratungsstelle (parapsychological counselling office) at Freiburg, Germany.

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