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Patterning Culture | Marie-Therese Shortt | TEDxHamburg
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Added Jul 21, 2016
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Marie-Therese Shortt on "Patterning Culture" at TEDxHamburg (

Marie Therese Shortt is a Norwegian-Irish graphic designer and researcher. Her research centres on devising a method for the visual presentation and analysis of intercultural greetings. The system she has developed uses a range of digital tools and software to provide an animated graphic notation system for analysing nonverbal aspects of greetings both within and across cultures. Her data was gathered during fieldwork in the multicultural city of Stavanger in Norway, and was analysed through a visual process. Her interactive system uses video, animation and graphic coding to present layered information about some of the cultural complexity found during greetings in Stavanger. Marie Therese aims to increase understanding between people of different cultural backgrounds through her visual system and methodology.

Currently she runs her own graphic- & webdesign studio Shortt Design (

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