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Peace Building Starts Small | Claudia Meier | TEDxBern
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Added Oct 13, 2016
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We’d like to think that peace building is only needed abroad. Claudia Meier says it is needed everywhere; either by bringing people together or giving children the opportunity to express their war wounds with the help of drawings. Most importantly, it's about understanding what is needed and then designing the assistance accordingly.

Claudia Meier lives in Berlin und works with the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) and Build Up on global issues like humanitarian action, peace, and new technologies – often child’s play in theory but very difficult in practice. After three years of peacebuilding in East Africa, she is reengaging with civil society activism in the eastern parts of Germany, constantly wondering what Brandenburg can learn from Burundi. In her free time, you find Claudia with her photo camera on her bike, unless she is visualizing some interesting conference using pen and paper.

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