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Performance | Noble Material | TEDxUbud
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Added Jul 19, 2016
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Enter stage right, The Noble Material Roadshow, the traveling version of the musical performed by Green School Bali middle-school activist students and created by performing arts teacher, Sarita Pockell. Tackling the throw-away plastic problem in Bali, this musical takes a hard look at trash that is devastating the natural beauty of Bali, its beaches, and offers creative ideas of how all can help.

The Noble Material Roadshow debuted in 2015, was invited to perform at COP21 (The 2015 Paris Climate Conference), and COY11 (the Conference of Youth, also in Paris), and tours regularly around Bali.

The Green School Bali prepares students to be stewards of the environment, teaching them to be critical and creative thinkers, who champion the sustainability of the world and the environment.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at