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Φίλοι του Βυθού: Ύβρις και Νέμεσις σε γαλάζιο φόντο | Vasilis Samoladas | TEDxChania
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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Φίλοι του Βυθού

The club was founded in 1994 by a group of Chanians, who adore the sea and marine environment.
The purpose of this club is to develop ecological consciousness in order to protect and preserve the marine ecosystem and also, to promote the natural beauty of the area.
Their activities include lectures, public dialog, photographic exhibitions, movie shows, diving excursions, article publication in the media and competitions, usually in collaboration with the local authorities.
The club has currently 150 registered members, most of them certified divers with an acute sense of appreciation for the sea.
The earliest major activity was a series of symbolic garbage collection efforts of the seabed in ports around Crete. They have participated in search and rescue operations and they have organized campaigns in isolated islands in order to inform the local people about the destruction caused by dynamite fishing. Their goal is the vision of “sea of beauty and life”.

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