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Pimps, hermaphrodites and immortals | Duncan Pritchard | TEDxSaltRock
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Added Sep 21, 2016
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Pimps, hermaphrodites and immortals - a new vision for tidal pools as a community resource.
In this fun and light hearted talk, Duncan dispels myths around sentience (or lack thereof) in the animal world with a focus on the mind-boggling variety of creatures that share our beaches with us. He proposes a new vision for communities to manage their coastlines, not as a mere resource, but as an essential part of our well being.

Duncan grew up in Gauteng, an unlikely place to cultivate a love for nature. Through good fortune he found himself on an extended gap year working as a barman, boat cleaner, waiter and general gofer at lodges in the Okavango Delta…. and eventually as a tourist guide in the swamps. This gap year ended up lasting seven, and proved pivotal to cultivating his interest and love for anything with DNA and eventually a career in environmental management and tourism.

Duncan champions the other exciting creatures on our planet, things that live in the oceans rather than the skies, things with scales rather than feathers, things without spines, like the psychedelic world of sea slugs, nudibranchs and flatworms.

Duncan runs an environmental consultancy, ETC-Africa and with his partner Michelle Morris they run a tourism based company from Salt Rock on the KZN North Coast, Tidal Tao, which offers snorkeling excursions with the single mission of exposing people to wonders of our coastline.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at