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"Pintando y Jazzeando" | Andújar | TEDxUPR
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Added Jul 25, 2016
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For a long time, there’s been mysticism behind the work process of artists. Hidden from the public, painters, sculptors and engravers have developed their works of art in studios and private places. But for artists this creative process flows naturally throughout their daily lives. Andújar will present to us live this artistic process, improvising a painting to the rhythm of jazz.
Por mucho tiempo el proceso creador de los artistas se ha considerado como uno místico. Ocultos del público los pintores, escultores y grabadores han desarrollado su obra en sus estudios y espacios privados. Pero para los artistas este proceso creador fluye de forma natural como parte del cotidiano vivir. Andújar nos presentará en vivo este proceso artístico, improvisando una pintura al ritmo de jazz.

Andújar (Frank Martinez) as an artist is interested to share the creative process as one natural and accessible to all. Jazzing and painting is the event performed, since 2000, with jazz bands, where the audience has the opportunity to see how a painting develops while musical notes promote improvisation in musicians and painters.

Unlike similar and very popular events in internet, there was no plan or rehearsal, but was made at spur of the moment. Thus, unleashing the creative process in painting, which eventually becomes a single image that records the emotion of the very moment. The final product influenced by the atmosphere encouraged an interaction between music, the artist and the public - involved with applause and comments. On each occasion, the public, musicians and painter, enjoy a unique moment where the senses are impacted in favor of creativity as regenerative process of the soul. Jazzing as painting as an event demystifies the creative process of the artist.

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