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Potentiality of world cuisine | Naoyoshi MOTOYAMA | TEDxKobe
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Added Sep 30, 2016
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There are a variety of situations in the world, but it is quite difficult to think of them as our own affairs. A chef MOTOYAMA Naoyoshi, who has learned cooking around the world, hopes to achieve world peace by sharing cuisines from around the world. What is hidden possibility of eating?

In the world there are a variety of countries, and each of them has its own situation. Even if we may know of other countries’ issues as information, it is not easy to see them as our own problems. However, we may possibly have an insight into issues of far-off contrires through their local “food.” MOTOYAMA Naoyoshi has visited all around the world and learned various types of cuisines. He finally came up with an idea that the act of enjoying each local food provides us with an opportunity to “think about the world. Having discovered a new possibility in the common practice of enjoying food, he continues to cook world’s cuisines praying for world peace.

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