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Power to the People | James Hrynyshyn | TEDxTryon
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Added Oct 18, 2016
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James Hyrnyshyn has been writing about energy and global warming for decades, and addresses a local issue with a global solution. The cleanest, most sustainable, and most responsible way to power our area might lay in a new vision for distributing electricity.

James Hrynyshyn is an independent communications consultant specializing in science, the environment and climate change. A former journalist, his byline has appeared in newspapers and magazines in the U.S, Canada, and the U.K and he has worked on the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic coasts. He returned to university after 11 years in the business to obtain a marine biology degree. He now tries to combine his skills as a communicator with an intimate knowledge of the scientific process — writing, editing and designing documents that address the ecological and technology challenges facing society. He has delivered presentations to conferences and meetings in Canada and the U.S., and, as a member of the Climate Reality Project, talks frequently about the science and politics of climate change. He and his wife are raising a son in Saluda, N.C., from where he maintains a website at and blogs occasionally on local affairs at

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