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Praise in the age of Hollywood | Kelvin Marsh | TEDxChelmsford
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Added Sep 19, 2016
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A Growth Mindset is the most precious aspect of your personality you can ever possess. To instil and develop it in children is the best gift you can ever give them. The most effective way to develop it is to instil it as young as possible.

Celebrating with the Man United team in Barcelona’s NouCamp Stadium when they just won the legendary Treble in 1999, which coincidentally was the day of my 30th birthday, was an unforgettable experience, as was celebrating with the British sailing team on the podium at the Sydney Olympics when they won 3 Gold and 2 Silver Medals.

I feel truly privileged to have had these and many more great memories.

But they come second place to seeing children develop new skills and grow in confidence – I mean that hand on heart! True fulfilment is seeing a shy kid grow in confidence by mastering a skill you taught them”.

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