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Predeterminism and Free Will: Exploring Cause and Effect | David Rhee | TEDxERHS
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Added Aug 8, 2016
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Do we ever make choices—real genuine choices—in our lives? Do humans ever choose the outcome of their lives or are human lives simply the mechanistic result of cause-and-effect? TEDxERHS speaker David Rhee delves into the rationale of believing in either pre-determined destiny or self-contrived living. Rhee conveys that perhaps no individual is inherently more deserved than another as the existence of free will can neither be proven nor refuted. Then, how can humans ever know who is good or who is evil if free will and intent cannot be deduced?

David Rhee is an astute independent student who is driven by his desire to work with and spread knowledge among his peers. Rhee actively seeks out opportunities within his community — service work, clubs, and competitions — to further enhance his understanding of himself and others.

Rhee's retrospective attitude toward life combined with his active involvement within his community has motivated him to take a look at the variety of factors which shape humans into the people they become.

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