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Preparing for a Time After War | Cynthia Dunning, Mohamad Fakhro & Mohamed Alkhalid | TEDxBern
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Added Oct 13, 2016
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The war in Syria is still on, but the Shirin project is already preparing for the time after. The cultural heritage of Syria is huge and it needs to be protected. It is the base of the society which Shirin aims to protect and help rebuild after the war.

As director of ArchaeoConcept, Cynthia Dunning Thierstein is responsible for heritage management projects. She is an archaeologist and cultural manager interested in the theory of archaeology and its management. She further directed the Schwab Museum in Biel and from 1998 to 2010 she was responsible for the Archaeological Service of the Canton of Berne. Cynthia Dunning Thierstein is also member of numerous national and international heritage associations (AS, ARS, AGUS, ICOMOS-ICAHM, ICOM, EAA, SHIRIN) and therefore develops projects on a national and international scale.

Second Director at directorate for antiquities and museums in Aleppo.
Director of Department of excavation.
Lecturer at the University of Aleppo.
Member of many excavation projects in Syria, like: Emar-Balis, Tell el-Karmel, Al-Dayderiyah Cave , Tell Halaf, Tell Ahmar, Tell Leilan Tell Shiyukh Tahtani, Tell Qaber Abu al-Atiq, Qala'at Halawanji, Tell Al-Sweihat…..).
Guest researcher in university of Tübingen -Tell Halaf /Guzana project.
PhD University of Bern- Institut für Archäologische Wissenschaften.
I was working in the Directorate general of antiquities and museums, Syria.

Mohammed Alkhalid, Syrian Post-Doc Fellow in Near Eastern Archaeology in the Institute for Archaeological Sciences of the Bern University. My current topic of research is the organization of the spaces and the originality of architectural organization of the second millennium BC cities in Syria. In 2013 I obtained my Ph.D. from Sapienza University of Rome, where in 2014 I worked as project assistant within the project “Ebla Chora” founded by the ERC. I have obtained my Bachelor degree from university of Aleppo in 2008. from 2006 till 2010, I participated in the Archaeological Excavations in the third millennium BC city of Ebla, with the Italian Archaeological expedition of Sapienza University of Rome.

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