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Primrose | بخور مريم | Fakhri Elabbar | TEDxAlFwayhat
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Added Oct 3, 2016
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تعتبر منطقة الجبل الأخضر من المناطق الغنية بالنباتات الطبية والعطرية، والتي تستخدم في الطب الشعبي أو تجارة العطارة. وأصبحت المتاجرة بالنباتات الطبية ظاهرة انتشرت على مستوى محلات العطارة أو الأسواق الشعبية، مما يجعل الأنواع المستهدفة عرضة للانقراض. إن فرصة التجديد الطبيعي قليلة جداً، خاصة الأنواع التي تجمع في وقت الإزهار والنباتات المستهدفة بالقطف الجائر. عليه يجب الحفاظ على هذه الثروة الوطنية بوضع برنامج تدريبي يضمن استدامة هذا المورد بالبدأ في زراعة النباتات الطبية والعطرية.
The Green Mountain is rich with medicinal and aromatic plants. These are used in traditional medicine or herbs trade, which become phenomenon that spread in perfumery shops or public markets. This makes the target species susceptible to extinction. ِAlso, the chance of natural regeneration is very few, especially species that are collected in time of flowering. So, we must preserve this national treasure through a pilot training program to ensure sustainability, with medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation.

Born in 1964, Dr Fakhri obtained PhD in Organic Chemistry from the National University of Malaysia in 1999. He is the Head of Chemistry Department at University of Benghazi - 2016. Dr. Fakhri is a founding member of the Libyan Chemical Society in Benghazi branch, and the head of the first and the second chemical conference in Benghazi.
Dr Fakhri also was the leader of the support team in University of Benghazi forum in 2011; and the spokesperson at the Third Conference of drugs at Zagazig University, Egypt 2013. Dr. Fakhri is interested in research of Environmental Pollution and Natural products chemistry.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at