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Project Based Learning | Robbie Patla | TEDxMountainMiddleSchool
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Added Jul 6, 2016
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It makes me sad when kids say they hate school or feel unmotivated or unexcited to be in school. I loved my project based learning experience at Mountain because it allowed me to experiment with my knowledge and have fun applying it to real life scenarios and situations. It made school real, motivating, inspiring - something so important during a very difficult time of life for so many kids: puberty! So I wrote this Ted Talk to challenge popular thinking about public education by offering how a progressive learning modality can make a real difference in how a student experiences school, and what a difference THAT can make in how they are set up to experience life.

My name Robbie Patla and I have just finished my 8th grade year at Mountain MIddle School - a project based learning school in Durango, Colorado. I love to write about anything I feel is interesting to me and hope that my writing inspires kids my age to have their say on what they are passionate about. I intern on one of the local radio stations in Durango trying to involve kids in our community by offering my 14 year old perspective, for better or worse!

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