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Putting the 'Human' Back in H.I.V. | Arik Hartmann | TEDxVermilionStreet
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Added Oct 11, 2016
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If the treatment of HIV has significantly advanced over the past three decade, why hasn't our perception of people with the disease advanced as well? After being diagnosed with HIV, Arik Hartmann has chosen to live transparently in an effort to increase education and dismiss misconceptions about the disease.

Raised in Arizona, Arik Hartmann is a 24 year old Senior in Resource Biology and Biodiversity at the University of Louisiana Lafayette. He currently assists in wetland ecology research, working as a student contractor at the USGS National Wetlands and Aquatic Research Center in Lafayette. Arik has been HIV positive for two years and has presented on HIV/AIDS awareness and history to student organizations. The goal of his HIV transparency is to reduce the stigma that surrounds those infected and dispel misconceptions about the virus. After graduating next spring, Arik plans to pursue a Master's Degree in Conservation Biology.

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