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Reading in the dark | John Bailey | TEDxTysons
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Added Sep 16, 2016
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A lot of sighted people can't imagine how the vision impared do things without being able to see. Turns out it wasn't losing his sight that was holding him back.

John Bailey has been upsetting people for years. He refuses to accept the assumption that the life of a blind person must be limited by their visual acuity. Blind since the age of eight, John has dramatically demonstrated his philosophy by walking across 1200 degree hot coals barefoot, touring Eastern Europe solo, and working with law enforcement on creating tools for the “War against Terror."

John Bailey believes that raising expectations raises achievement. He is Second Vice President of the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia, President of the Fairfax Chapter of the NFBV, and former Chairman of the Virginia State Rehabilitation Council. John and his wife Laila spent weeks baby-proofing their home.

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