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Real feminism from bra burning to bridge building | Prof Roshni Mooneeram | TEDxALC
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Added Jun 20, 2016
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Professor Mooneram acknowledges that technology has given a boost to the fourth wave of the feminist movement. She also acknowledges that it has caused some fragmentation at the same time and therefore is advocating for a fourth wave that centers on bridge building. She says, “21st century feminism involves investing ourselves in the most daring dreams like past feminism has done. The glass ceilings will not smash by themselves if we keep silent. It is when we engage in meaningful action that we act as catalysts.”

Roshni Mooneeram was born in Mauritius in 1972. She completed a BA in English Language and Literature, an MA in Postcolonial Literatures and a PhD in Sociolinguistics at the University of Leeds in the UK. Shehas worked at the University of Leeds, Birmingham City University andthe University of Nottingham Ningbo China where she founded and
directed the Division of English Studies. She was also Director of the
Centre for Research in Linguistics at Nottingham. She has published
widely internationally and been invited to present papers and keynote
addresses at conferences from the USA to Japan.

She returned to Mauritius in 2012 and works as Global Consultant to the University of Nottingham and as a freelance writer and Communication Strategist. She writes a regular column in Mauritian dailies on politics and policy. She is a mentor to the Grooming Young Mauritian Leaders Programme in Mauritius.

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