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Receiving My Dreams | Jeff Smith | TEDxLivermore
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Added Aug 25, 2016
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How do we include all members of the tribe in a society that gives meaning and purpose? "Deep, deep down, I know we are all in this together" says Jeff, who was born with Downs Syndrome.
Jeff was able to dive into the loss of his mother in a fatal car crash through creative outlet, scripting, shooting and producing the autobiographical short Save Me Mine. His purpose? To "extend my love to my mother and my father." Sharing about the making of this film, Jeff is accompanied by Hester Wagner, a mentor and advocate who played the part of his mother in the film. Futures Explored, together with Inclusion Films created the collaborative Futures Films to provide employment training services to adults with developmental disabilities. In this program, Jeff has worked as a writer, grip, editor, sound mixer and in other crew jobs on a variety of films. He shares his biggest hopes for the future with passion and directness in this piece.

Jeff is director/writer of his personal story Save Me Mine. Jeff was born with Down Syndrome. He enrolled in the Livermore Film and Media Workshop, run by Futures Explored and Inclusion Films, to fulfill his greatest ambition, becoming a director. And with the support of his instructors, mentors and classmates he’s now able to live out that dream with this film. Jeff is truly an inspiration, through his warm personality, openness and through the perseverance of everything he’s overcome. He has also worked as a writer, grip, editor, sound mixer and in other crew jobs on a variety of films in the workshop and on paid projects for Futures Films.
Jeff also became the mascot for the other speakers during TEDxLivermore, standing in the wings to support others whose nerves were running as wildly as his own.

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