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Reconstructing the Stock Market to be a Driver of Scoial Change | Jordan Crahan | TEDxWWU
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Added Jun 27, 2016
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I am fascinated by the relationships that exist between various institutions of modern capitalism, and with how these relationships influence the direction and functionality of the society that we live in. Throughout my studies I have come to the conclusion that modern capitalism-while not inherently bad-has been unfortunately misapplied in modern society, to the detriment of us all. It is my end goal to understand these complex relationships, so that our society, and the institutions of modern capitalism that we have built it on, can become more socioeconomically, politically, and environmentally responsible. Today is starts with reframing the role of the stock market, and tomorrow? Who knows…

In pursuing his degree in Policy and Markets: Behavior and Social Responsibility, Jordan Crahan’s academic career has been devoted to studying the interconnectedness of economics, business, and government. As both an investor and objective observer of the stock market, Jordan sees the problems that exist when such a large and powerful economic institution is not held accountable for things beyond the scope of its own wellbeing. With his knowledge of free market and societal institutions, Jordan has set about solving this problem by reconstructing why the stock market exists and how it should contribute to society.

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