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Recovering from Concussions: Smile for me Now | Bryant D'Hondt | TEDxWWU
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Added Jun 30, 2016
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In total I have had 15 concussions, I have done the process 6 times and each time I am blown away by the results and what I can learn from something so feared by our society. It is the fear of not knowing that makes the experience that much more traumatic. My hope is to have researchers ask different questions, to someone with a brain injury, defining what it is means nothing but having hope means everything. I like to explain it like this “we can know the in’s and out’s of a volcano, but it doesn’t me we can stop it from erupting.” Life is hard enough as it is, and when you feel lost in your own mind it can seem like an impossible task just getting out of bed.

Bryant has had 15 concussions and was told
that he was looking forward to a life with
Parkison's Disease. Through his hard work
and dedication to recovering a brain that
seemed lost, he hcame with an uncoventional
process for recovery. Bryant is currently a
professional golfer and motivational speaker.

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