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Redefining Art as a Tool for Development | Stary Mwaba | TEDxLusaka
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Added Oct 12, 2016
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In a powerful and moving journey through his artistic life, Stary Mwaba contends that art has a critical role to play in young people developing identity, purpose and self expression.

Stary Mwaba’s upbringing in Copperbelt and Northern Provinces in Zambia was around craftsmen and performers, in a stimulating environment rich in tradition and culture. This upbringing set him on the path to being the accomplished artist he is today. To make a basic living, he trained as a peer counsellor in HIV prevention, but used his skills in drawing, painting and moulding to share messages with the young people he taught, producing posters, murals and sculptures that people could engage with. As an upcoming artist, Stary collaborated with local and international artists, while also developing his own individual skills. His current work is inspired by his personal journey, as well as prevailing ideologies and future aspirations. Stary has participated in a number of residencies, exhibitions and workshops all over the world, most notably in Ghana, New York, London, Trinidad and Tobago and his home, Lusaka.

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