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Redefining Empathy: Getting Comfortable With Discomfort | Sara Alkhedairy | TEDxWWU
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Added Jun 27, 2016
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I would like to propose an alternative to empathy – a “comfortability with discomfort”. I want to challenge us to think about how we can create legitimate connections with others, which I think can only be done by having challenging and uncomfortable conversations about our identities and recognizing that it’s okay for us to not always be able to relate to each other. Until we get comfortable with talking about things like privilege and power, recognizing the role of these in our own lives and interactions with others, it will be hard for us to improve human relations both on a personal and a global scale.

Since beginning her studies in the Human Services program at Western Washington University, Sara has found hope and joy in recognizing the possibility to create meaningful change in the lives of those around her. Also pursuing a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies, Sara has spent much of her undergraduate schooling contemplating the inequalities that plague our society, and discovering the role that she can play in challenging the structures of oppression that exist in our world. She hopes to share this mission , encouraging others to  think more critically about how we all play a part in the bigger picture. After graduating in June, Sara hopes to find a job working for a non-profit doing event coordination, and ultimately hopes to run her own non-profit organization someday. 

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