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Redefining Success | Saloua Saidane | TEDxRBHigh
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Added Aug 8, 2016
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We often forget that our lives aren't lived on a vertical playing field -- there is essentially no "top" as everyone's goals are set differently. Dr. Saidane presents an alternate perspective as she elaborates on a horizontal way of thinking. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of paying attention to all dimensions of living a successful life -- spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

From international studies in France such as a pre-doctoral fellowship at the University of Paris and the Institute of Catalysis to a Fulbright fellowship at UC Davis and CIT, and Geraldine R. Doge Fellowship for outstanding teachers, no challenge has been too great for this brilliant science mind. Dr. Saidane is the founder and director of EYE, Empowering Youths and Educators, an organization promoting a combination of value based education and collaborative engagement throughout the Tunisian society. Courses are offered for students along with training for educators who receive a certificate of attendance cosigned by the AMIDEAST, whose mission is to expand opportunity through education and training. By creating awareness within youths and educators, they are able to see a correlation between success, paradigms, and attitudes. Empowering educators by helping them create an environment that fosters growth allows this system to leave students with lifelong skills.

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