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Rediscovering Atlanta through Virtual Reality | Krisna Patel | TEDxGeorgiaStateU
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Added Aug 23, 2016
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Does the thought of learning the history of your city put you to sleep? What if the history of your city could come to life through virtual reality? This talk shares the exciting process of bringing the history of Atlanta to life through virtual reality and considers the application for educational purposes.

Krisna Patel is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Marketing and Computer Information Systems at GSU with dreams of traveling the world and helping build homes with charities, such as Habitat for Humanity. She wants to have a career in social media marketing, and perhaps dip her feet into application programming. During her spare time, she likes to watch soccer, write music, and binge watch a good TV show. She hopes to learn more of how technology is advancing and more ways of how it can help us on a daily basis, especially at GSU. She will be talking about a research project she is working on with the Student Innovation Fellowship program called 3D Atlanta. And she will show us how to rediscover the history of Atlanta from back in the 1920s via a 3D interactive virtual model.

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