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Rethinking Urban Landscaping: Creating a Utilitopia | Marcus Descant | TEDxVermilionStreet
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Added Oct 12, 2016
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Landscaper and plant enthusiast, Marcus Descant, believes that agriculture and ornamental landscaping shouldn't be mutually exclusive. By incorporating edible plants in urban landscapes, we can beautify our surroundings while providing solutions to food shortages and increasing biodiversity.

From an early age Marcus has always admired the exquisite designs in nature, and questioned the industrialized settings for growing crops. This is obvious in his designs, emulating the curves we see in nature both for beauty and efficiency. He admires ecosystems as complex machines composed of thousands of components and made up of many organisms. In 2011 he started his current business "Urban Naturalist", to explore a new approach to agriculture. One where we recognize urban spaces as our most recent ecosystem, filled with resources and setbacks, just like any other ecosystem. He began melding agriculture and ornamental landscape practices to create a hybrid which strives for a utilitopian middle ground. His work can be seen in both public and private spaces, each one uniquely designed for purpose and comfort while utilizing light and space as efficiently as possible.

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