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Rethinking our attitudes towards inclusive environment | Mandy Budge | TEDxAccra
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Added Jun 21, 2016
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Every child should have the opportunity to experience innovative and creative pathways. Creating an inclusive environment involves finding clues as to how to deal with disabled individuals in our society’s .this will help them to be the best that they can be academically, technically, socially and creatively by building their talents

There was a significant moment in 1994 where a unique set of circumstances triggered a ripple effect in my life. The moment the stone hit the pond was in a London Special School where I was teaching, and I met two West African pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We found a resonant means of communicating through wild skits over Kpan Logo rhythms played on Ghanaian drums, carried back from recent journeys to Ghana. The ripples have gathered momentum over the past 20 years and have been the inspiration behind the creation of Multikids Inclusive Academy and more recently, Multikids Foundation.
If you are lucky enough to work with children who have special learning needs, your experience will transcend any preconceptions of ability and disability, success and failure. The open heart of a child with down syndrome or cerebral palsy manifests in a charismatic aura that enlightens your life. Our part is to open doors, to open minds, to de-construct the mindset and values that

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