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Robotics | Chris Tur | TEDxCincinnati
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Added Aug 12, 2016
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A devastating aviation mishap 20 years ago aboard a United States Navy aircraft carrier sheds light on the pace of robotic developments today. Chris recounts the moments leading up to the incident - and how robots today continue to displace dull, dirty and dangerous jobs.

Chris Tur’s career has largely followed a technology-driven path. From
biomedical engineering, to naval aviation, to energy and now robotics, he
lives on the front edge of innovation and challenging the status-quo. Of
notable accomplishments throughout his career, Chris has been credited
for leadership and combat performance with the U.S. Navy, was a leader
on the development team of world’s fastest passenger ferry while with
General Electric, and holds more than 10 patents in the field of Robotics.
Chris is married with two children and in his off time volunteers with Habitat
for Humanity. He’s an avid auto enthusiast and also enjoys aviation and cooking
Chris is the President & CEO of Roboworld, LLC.

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