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Robotics in our everyday lives | Marcelo Ang | TEDxNUS
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Added Jul 20, 2016
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“The robot is an excellent tool which helps us be happier,” says Dr Marcelo, “the question is, how can we bring the robot out of the factory and integrate it into our everyday lives?” Utilising his research on autonomous vehicles, Dr Marcelo paints the exciting premise of a mobile, car-lite future and explores how mankind could benefit with the help of integrated robotics.

Dr Marcelo has been with the Mechanical Engineering department of the National University of Singapore since 1989 and is the current Acting Director of Advanced Robotics Centre. His extensive research covers robotics, mechatronics, autonomous systems, and applications of intelligent systems. Possessing a desire to better our society, his work and passion for robotics aims to provide a safer and more productive way of living through innovation and creativity. With his research based on Autonomous Vehicles, Dr Marcelo’s intends to provide a more efficient and convenient way of moving around.

Besides his academic and research positions, Dr Marcelo is also actively involved in the Singapore Robotics Games as its founding chairman, and the World Robot Olympiad as a member of its Advisory Council.

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