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如果未來人人都是莫札特 What if everybody became Mozart?/ Everyone could be Amadeus Mozart | 黎 蘇 | TEDxFJU
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Added Sep 6, 2016
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“大家羨慕莫扎特的音樂才能嗎?”研究自動音樂採譜演算法(auto-score transcribing algorithm)的中研院研究員蘇黎認為,過去的教育使音樂成為了專業、高級、難以觸碰的領域。但實際上,人人都有機會成為莫扎特。關鍵在於——科技的創新。
" People admired and envied the musical talent of Mozart," says SU,LI, the auto-score transcribing algorithm researcher of Academia Sinica. He thinks music has been made professional, high-classed, unreachable by the past education. And yet, everyone could be Mozart, and the key is the innovation of technology.

中研院 博士後研究員

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