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Safe sexting | Caroline Heske | TEDxDarwin
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Added Sep 28, 2016
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Is prohibition the best way to approach sexting? What could we do instead? Caroline Heske looks at why we react to sexting the way we do, and how a 'privacy by design' approach could not only make sexting safer but offer us all more secure digital conversations.

As a senior policy advisor on privacy and freedom of information (FOI) for the Northern Territory Information Commissioner, Caroline is fascinated by the ways in which information technology is rapidly changing our social behaviours.

Although her background is as a lawyer, she has noticed the extent to which ‘legal problems’ can often be dealt with more effectively by designing systems and processes with privacy in mind from the outset – a principle known as ‘privacy by design’. When, in the space of a month, two of her friends were independently subject to revenge porn blackmail attempts, what started as an attempt to assist one of them with navigating the legal framework turned into a consideration of whether there might be another way of framing the revenge porn problem.

Caroline has degrees in Law and Arts from the University of Melbourne. She has worked as a criminal prosecutor for the NT DPP, an investigator for the Commissioner for Public Interest Disclosures, Acting Dir

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