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Schools of Trust | Christoph Schuhmann | TEDxTUHH
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Added Sep 1, 2016
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Christoph Schuhmann, a teacher and a documentary filmmaker, tells us about an alternative system of schooling where children decide what they want to learn. He argues that such a system might preserve the inquisitiveness and creativity in children as they study the subjects that interest them of their own volition. He also talks about his interactions with teachers who teach in such schools and more importantly, the students who study in these schools.

Christoph Schuhmann teaches Physics and Computer Science in northern Germany. He finished his scientific studies within half of the regular time and is currently studying psychology.

In his lessons, he once asked his students, “What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Learning’ ?”. The answers he got involved words like, ‘duty’, ‘boredom’, ‘annoyance’ and ‘burden’. Even students with good grades told him that learning was an exhausting process; that they only do it for the sake of grades. Not one of the students seemed to “enjoy learning”. Christoph was shocked. He wondered how we could unfold and sustain the natural curiosity that we observe in young children in their kindergarten age.
He reduced his work load and followed his passion for psychology. He read many books about learning, curiosity and concepts of education, which led him on his quest to discover schools with innovative concepts, where children love to go to and truly love to learn.

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