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Searching for Myself in My Names | Baozhen Luo | TEDxWWU
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Added Jun 27, 2016
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In 2003, fresh off the boat, I changed my name from Baozhen (宝珍 in Chinese) to Maggie. Eight years later, I changed my name back to Baozhen 宝珍. During the process of changing my name back and forth, I have learned important lessons about myself, my family, and the world we live in. On this difficult journey of searching for unity between myself and my names, I unearthed precious family stories and found the values of resilience, roots, and self-love.

What is your relationship with your name?

Baozhen Luo’s unique life story involves being born and raised in China before coming to the Southern United States to pursue graduate education, followed by a move to the Pacific Northwest as a faculty member at Western Washington University.  Her training in sociology equipped her to understand the impact of social injustices on a personal level.

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