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Self-Love | Sherry Tseng | TEDxTaipeiAmericanSchool
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Added Jul 27, 2016
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Sherry speaks about the importance of self-love.

Sherry Tseng is a Senior at Taipei American School, who is actively involved in the Model United Nations program and Wish4Kids. Though she wanted to be a doctor at one point, she realized that she only wanted to because of external influence, rather than out of her own interest for medicine. So, she began to think about what her interests are, and from that who she was as a person, both good and bad aspects.
This introspection is what led her to consider the implications behind the phrase “self-love”. The term has seeped its way into mainstream thought, with bloggers, inspirational speakers, and the like promoting this idea, yet Sherry believes that there are drawbacks to such a thoughtless term. Instead, she proposes an alternative: “self-thought”. of doing more than what we imagine!”.

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