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Self Realization: In The Present | Victoria Mahdion | TEDxRBHigh
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Added Aug 8, 2016
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In the age of the selfie, where does self realization have its place? Victoria Mahdion draws from her experience as a yogi, raw vegan, and professional dancer to explore how our perception toward social media, a healthy dietary regime, and fulfilling our life's work can either expand, or hinder our potential as a self-realized being in the present.

As a strong advocate for vibrant raw living, Victoria started her first business, Ultimate Produce Organic Co-op, delivering the best Californian produce to her members to helping them nourish themselves. Victoria is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who is currently a raw food vegan chef, established performing arts instructor & choreographer, and yogi. The key ingredient to her recipe for success, of course, is her passion for health and wellbeing. One of her biggest values involves serving as a strong role model for her students and peers, which she does by placing importance on confidence and self-acceptance into everything she does. Her goal is to improve people’s health and wellbeing which she reaches through workshops, choreography, and masterclasses.

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