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Siamo soli nell’universo? | Amedeo Balbi | TEDxRoma
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Added Jul 7, 2016
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Cosa può la ricerca di vita nell’ universo dirci di noi e del nostro futuro?
Scoprire che c’è altra vita nell’universo sarebbe un cambiamento epocale, che avrebbe conseguenze incalcolabili per la nostra specie, per la comprensione del nostro posto nel cosmo.

What can the search for life in the universe tell us about ourselves and our future?
Discovering that there is other life in the universe would be a historic change, which would have incalculable consequences for our species, and for the understanding of our place in the cosmos.

Amedeo Balbi is considered one of the main Italian science communicators in the field of astrophysics. He is a member of the International Astronomical Union and the Foundational Questions Institute ( FQXi ) and is the author of over 90 scientific publications . His studies range from the origin of the universe , to the problem of matter and dark energy to the search for life in the cosmos . Balbi stimulates the entire scientific community to consider the path of science not as automatic and impersonal, but as a human emotional experience.
“A dynamic process fuelled by people in the flesh , rather than as a collection of recipes or acquisitions ” ; with the hope that the scientific mind , as a tool to achieve progress , can become a prerequisite ” for an education that truly prepares people for life.”

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