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Skynet vs Jarvis: Extinction or Immortality | Chiragh Dewan | TEDxSSCBS
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Added Jun 29, 2016
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A comparison between two possible futures: Will the machines try to take over the world or will they help us make the world a better place? How is it that the same people could end up creating two futures so vastly different from each other? Or is there a possibility of a third future, one which lies between these two extremes, So many questions to be answered, but one can give a definitive reply. But before we go on to stack RPG’s or leave everything for tomorrow, first let us try to understand how the same people can create two different realities that start from the same point.

Chiragh Dewan is the Founder COO of AiroCorp, a tech based startup passionate about making one's life easier and more efficient through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Home Automation.
Airocorp is building the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Operating System

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