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So, what do you do? | Stijn Stumpel | TEDxEindhoven
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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So, what do you do? A question Stijn Stumpel has been asked on many occasions. But whether he is at a VR conference or in a random bar, the answer isn’t always that straightforward. Working as a product designer partly in and mostly for a virtual world requires some soul searching as to what future you want to be working towards. Stijn will invite the audience to step onto this crossroads with him to understand where we will take VR and where VR will take us.

Stijn Stumpel graduated from the faculty Industrial Design at the TU Eindhoven in 2014. There he worked on projects with LEGO in Denmark, and the Waag Society in Amsterdam. Now he is the Lead Designer for the Eindhoven hardware startup Manus VR. After helping co-found the company, they are about to release their first product one and a half years later: the Manus glove. A glove with integrated sensors that capture hand movement to allows virtual reality gamers to use their hands in virtual environments.

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