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Soul Sewing | رتق الروح | Muna AlSahli | TEDxAlFwayhat
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Added Oct 3, 2016
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الشعر ضروريّ لحياة الإنسان، خصوصاً في عصرنا الذي تكاد تطغى الجوانب المادّية والآلية على كلّ مظاهر إنسانيتّه. فالشّعر أشدّ علقة بالرّوح التي تبوح له بمسرّاتها وأحزانها، وتجد فيه تجلّياتها وانجلاء ما يكتنفها من غيوم وحشتها واغترابها، ورتق ما تهلهله الآلام من شبابها.
وقد تبيّن للشّعر قدرة علاجيّة تمكّنت من مداواة أسقام نفوس، ومنحتها السّلام والسكينة التي كاد فقدانها يقودها إلى الانهيار، أوالجنون، أوالانتحار، حتّى عزا بعضهم إليه فضل إنقاذ حياته!
من هنا، كان التّنبيه إلى أهميّة الشّعر، وفائدته في الحفاظ على حياة الإنسان، وتحقيق توازنه، وإنقاذ إنسانيّته التي يتهدّدها جمود عصر الآلة، وقسوته وجفاؤه.
Poetry is essential to human life, especially in our time, in which we live in a world full of shallow materialism. Poetry is most engaged with spirit that reveals with gaiety and grief, and finds in poetry the rout to sew what pains leave in its youth. Poetry has therapeutic ability to heal the hearts. So, we should alert to its role in the preservation of humanity threatened by the machine age.

Dr. Muna has obtained a master's degree in literature and criticism from University of Benghazi - Libya; and PhD in comparative literature from the University of Manchester - UK. She works as an assistant professor at Department of Arabic Language and Literature / Faculty of Arts / University of Benghazi. She has published many papers and articles in the literature and criticism, as well as in the issues of Islam and civil society, a collection of poems, and has two publications:
1. Antagonism in literary criticism with Empirical Study of the Poetry of Abu Tammam.
2. Creativity and freedom.
Muna is the chairman of the Libyan Association of Arabic language Friends. She is also a member at the following institutions:
- Book Friends Club.
- Benghazi Laboratory of Semiotics.
- Tanarout.
- Arabic Language Academy in Libya.
- The Arabic Thought Forum, Amman / Jordan.
- The International Council of the Arabic language in Beirut.

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