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Superpowers not needed | Matt Dawson | TEDxChelmsford
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Added Sep 16, 2016
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Matthew describes his journey from an unhealthy 20-something to becoming a sports endurance nut. It all started after agreeing to do a short race which he didn’t think he could even finish and led him to completing a challenge that very few people have achieved.

Matthew discovered a passion for endurance events later in life but those who knew him growing up are not surprised he has chosen this path. Giving up is not an option for this man – a quality seen early on by his scout leader who couldn’t stop him from trying to fix a broken tent while everyone else had given up. 4 hours later the 8 year old boy repaired it and gave them shelter for the night. Over the last 2 decades Matthew has completed a host of long distance events including; marathons, triathlons, a 2 day non-stop canoe race and open water swims. Matthew believes that anything is possible with a challenging goal and a heap of determination to reach it.

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