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TEDxGateway - Shankar Tucker - A Viral Approach to Classical Music
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Added Mar 14, 2012
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The ShrutiBox is the title of an ongoing series of internet music videos composed, recorded, performed and directed by the young clarinetist and composer Shankar Tucker. The videos have created great excitement recently, garnering over 2 million views and 40000 fans in only a few months. The series has been featured on the front page of YouTube, MTV India, and numerous publications. As a clarinetist, Shankar has shared the stage with such legendary artists as Zakir Hussain and Hariprasad Chaurasia, and recorded for music director Pritam Chakraborty. "While his mastery over the clarinet can't be doubted... he magnificently blends the essence of jazz, pop, Indian classical to create seamless fusion. His YouTube music channel, The Shrutibox, features his fusion compositions and has garnered over two million hits... If you think nobody could have made Slumdog Millionaire's soundtrack better than ARRehman, think again." -Hindustan Times "Tucker sets up a unique jugalbandi between jazz and Hindustani classical music, playing the clarinet like a bansuri, or slipping in the sounds of the kanjira into an ensemble of guitar and piano. Tucker's fusion gives the classical tunes space to breathe, as he deftly weaves in jazz elements into a composition. The videos are minimalist and tastefully done, as befits the music... making him an internet sensation." -Indian Express "Everything about this young American screams fusion beginning with his name — Shankar Tucker. He's been playing ...