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TEDxLaJolla - Claire Wineland - It's Just a Disease
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Added Oct 19, 2011
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14 year-old, Claire Wineland was born with cystic fibrosis or "CF", a genetic disease that causes excessive mucus secretions and collection, especially in the lungs. In her short life, Claire has undergone dozens of surgeries and has spent weeks at a time in the hospital. This is not, however, what characterizes her. Claire is a singer, an artist, a composer, and a natural-born comedian. She radiates with a warmth and wisdom beyond her years. She has been called a "little Buddha" a "bridge among people", and a "true old soul." She is precious to anyone who has met her, especially to her mother, Melissa, and her father, John. On April 13, 2010 after a relatively routine surgery, Claire became septic and within 24 hours, was in complete lung failure. Her parents were given the option of watching Claire die or putting her on a dangerous oscillator vent, which no child with CF has ever come off of. Her parents opted to put her on the high powered vent and into a drug induced coma so the doctors could try everything possible to reverse the damage to her lungs and her body. What followed was a remarkable two-week journey of prayer, love and healing. The family was buoyed by an inconceivable amount of support from friends and family. While Claire lay in her coma, kept alive by the maximum amount of life support possible, her friends and family began to pray. Spiritual groups of every possible denomination worldwide were given Claire's name or in many cases her picture, round the ...