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TEDxPhoenix - Johanna Blakley - Movies for a Change
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Added Feb 13, 2012
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- About Johanna Blakley - Johanna Blakley, PhD, is the managing director and director of research at the Norman Lear Center, a research and public policy institute that explores the convergence of entertainment, commerce and society. Based at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, Johanna performs research on a wide variety of topics, including global entertainment, cultural diplomacy, celebrity culture, fashion, digital media and intellectual property law. In her TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11 TEDxTalk, Johanna explains the inner workings of a research study conducted by the Norman Lear Center and Participant Media that aimed to figure out if movies have true and lasting impact on viewers. Blog: On Twitter: - About TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11 - The theme for TEDxPhoenix 11.11.11 was "______ for a Change" and featured speakers from around the US who are exploring unique ideas that have brought about unexpected, interesting, and positive changes. Five hundred people from all over Arizona and the western US gathered at the Mesa Arts Center for an evening of thought provoking and entertaining talks. The opening title ( and speaker video intros were created under the design and direction of TEDxPhoenix Art Director, Safwat Saleem (@safwat). Motion graphics and animation provided by TEDxPhoenix volunteer Qa'ed Tung (@qaedtung). Video editing of this TEDxPhoenix TEDxTalk was done by UAT Digital ...